Your advantage:
fast, flexible and reliable...

The quality of our products goes hand in hand with our principle to guarantee the utmost in reliable delivery, thus building a bridge between producer and commerce -  a fact that is being greatly valued.

Before anything else we should mention our flexibility. When delivery has to be extremely fast, or bananas have to be differently packed or labelled we are easily capable of complying. Compliance with special requests is our strength - and your advantage!

Quality is the sum of many things which have to match. Our bananas are the best example that it can indeed work.

Small but beautiful

  • Short ways of communication and lean management = quick decisions

  • Highly motivated employees with many years of expertise

  • Several weekly arrivals in Hamburg and Benelux allowing the maximum in planning and ripening

  • Independent and flexible on whatever requirement
    - Outstanding connections to producing areas
      and sales markets
    - Various countries of origin 

  • Company-owned ripening in Hamburg with state-of-the-art pressure-ripening technology

  • Hamburg with its tradition in the fresh fruit trade and the exceptionally good infrastructure as our place of buisness